live by the cringe and die by the cringe: a late update

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I have returned now, several months later. I always end up cringing at every aspect of my past self but I suppose that is a good indicator of growth. But that is also why this website sits unnoticed in the internet. My writing style, word choice, and choice of topic always look amateurish and of low quality. Don’t worry. For the sake of archive and growth, I do not plan on deleting any posts for the foreseeable future. I know within a matter of weeks, I’ll cringe at this but progress is inevitable and must be documented.

forever gone

It’s over. Absolutely over. Turns out I was not over them as much as I would have liked, but that doesn’t matter. They made it clear this is permanent and we’re never going back. Like a dear friend once told me:

Some times you can never go back to how things used to be.

There is no negotiating or bargaining. They are no longer a close friend but also not in my life in any way whatsoever. Perhaps this is for the best, perhaps it’s a good thing. Time to move forward. Time marches forward (or something like that). Sometimes it keeps me up at night, sometimes I forget anything happens at all.

Luckily, they’re not the only person to leave my life. I have dozens of close friends that I am no longer in contact with. They are now another grave in the cemetery of those I loved dearly. I hope and pray they get everything they want and deserve but that our paths never cross again.

the update:

I know I left my last update off with a short list of goals. While not all of those have been achieved, we are moving in the right direction. Eventually I’ll get around to writing a more detailed set of goals. I think writing and trying to flesh out some sort of purpose and life philosophy.

This is certainly a shorter post but hopefully there will be a couple more posts over the course of the summer.

I’m going to just post this now without a second thought. More updates–and hopefully more interesting posts–will come soon.





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